Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July 2008. There is a new Veteran's Memorial in the
Town of Scio, OR. We stopped here and looked around. Lots
of Patriotic things going on. This is Karen, Pat, and Ronda.

Saturday morning, Ronda is putting together omlettes
in a bag. Eggs were put into zip lock bags, then cheese,
ham, bacon, green peppers, green chili, and seasonings
were added, then the bags were boiled. They were just

Preston relaxes in camp by the Santiam River.

We just got all set up. Karen, Ronda and Preston are looking
things over. We are in a County Park in Lyons, OR. This is near
where Bob and Ronda live. We're about 25 miles East of Salem,
there is good shopping there and we'll take in the City Fireworks
later this evening.

This place must be for "gettin'"

We're all secured and ready to go into the City for Fireworks

Karen is our 'water person', but the river was too swift and
high for her to jump in this time.

Sort of an unusual it a root?

Early Saturday morning, Karen borrows the mirror in the Wing
to add paint and putty.

Bob and Ronda brought plenty of good firewood. The 6 of
us have been "The Gang" for quite a few years now.

All packed up and almost ready to leave. This should have
been the last picture, but they got out of order. We had 5
small dogs. Our Julie, then Bob and Ronda's Dolly and Daisy,
and Karen and Preston's Mini and Spanky. All well behaved little
bundles of love.

Some of the Health Food we brought camping. We did have
Wine and Campfire food too....

The ladies are getting ready to take the dogs for a walk, they
have the "pooper pick 'er uppers" ready.

No WiFi in the campground, but Bob is showing Karen something,
and she has her usual critique of it.

6 good friends. I took a zillion other pictures, but they are
sort of redundant, so this is just a sampling of a motorcycle
camping trip.